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Whistling While They Work 2 has been supported by 23 partner and supporter organisations in Australia and New Zealand, making possible the development and fielding of the first program of Integrity@WERQ research.

Our 17 partner organisations include the key integrity and regulatory agencies across all participating jurisdictions, including all public sectors and the private sector in both countries. These organisations have provided approximately 40 per cent of the project’s resources, including in-kind support such as the participation of our research team’s five partner researchers.

Further supporter organisations are also helping our research through direct or in-kind support, including participation with the partner organisations on the project’s advisory steering committee, established under the project’s multi-party collaboration agreement and Australian Research Council Funding Rules.

Join the Whistling Wiki

Our partners, The NSW Ombudsman, Commonwealth Ombudsman and Queensland Ombudsman have created the Whistling Wiki online community in govdex. Individuals with a professional interest in public interest disclosures or whistleblowing can:

  • download the practical guidelines, factsheets and templates
  • be informed about public interest disclosure schemes, events and research
  • share ideas for improving the way reports of serious wrongdoing are handled

To apply for membership of the Whistling Wiki online community, email

Whistling Wiki

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