Managing Whistleblowing

New Rules, New Policies, New Vision

Drawing on Griffith University’s world-leading research,
this course equips organisational leaders, compliance staff,
corporate services professionals, human resource managers,
governance and integrity practitioners with the tools to
understand whistleblowing as a policy and practical issue.
Use this course to design, implement, monitor and improve
‘speak up’ and whistleblowing policies and processes for
your organisation, or for other organisations under your
influence or control.
Gain a holistic understanding of the political, legal,
regulatory, ethical and administrative practicalities of
meeting reformed corporate governance obligations in
Australia and internationally.
Learn how to manage and implement a whistleblowing
Managing Whistleblowing can be undertaken as a single
course of study or a 10 Credit Point course in the Graduate
Certificate in Integrity and Anti-corruption or Master of
Public Administration.Successful completion of the course is
recognised on an official Griffith academic record.

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January 1, 2020