Whistling While They Work 2: Improving Managerial Responses to Whistleblowing in Public & Private Sector Organisations

Welcome to the project site for Whistling While They Work 2 – the world’s leading research into public interest whistleblowing.

The project is led by Griffith University’s Centre for Governance & Public Policy, in Brisbane, Australia. Our research team is drawn from Griffith University, University of Sydney, Australian National University, Victoria University Wellington, Australia’s Commonwealth Ombudsman, New South Wales Ombudsman, Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), CPA Australia and the New Zealand State Services Commission.

We are supported by the Australian Research Council and 23 partner and supporter organisations across Australia and New Zealand, along with our international collaborators.

The project is home to two major surveys, for any organisation wanting to establish whether your whistleblowing or ‘speak up’ policies meet current best practice, test the organisation’s ethical culture, climate, and leadership, as well as assist in improving governance and regulation standards around the world.

The surveys are for any organisation: public sector, private sector or not-for-profit.

Download our Integrity@WERQ Guide for more information on our project and how your organisation can contribute to a better understanding of public interest whistleblowing.

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