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Any organisation with more than 10 employees, based or with significant operations in Australia or New Zealand, is invited to participate in our research.

There is no cost to participate. The project is independently funded by the Australian Research Council, the participating universities and our partner organisations. The general findings, lessons and best practice models emerging from the research will also be available for free to all participating organisations.

In addition, organisations who participate have the option of receiving an individual report on their results, benchmarking their current internal disclosure procedures and whistleblowing processes against the other organisations participating in the study, and against best practice as currently known.
There are two phases to the research:


Survey of Organisational Processes and Procedures

This survey was open from April to 29 July 2016. While the survey has now closed, organisations who were invited to participate or who have not finished the survey can still do so using the link with which they were provided. Other organisations interested in joining the project are invited to email us at any time, and we will be happy to provide more information on whether this is still possible .

This threshold survey collects information about key processes and procedures for facilitating and managing internal allegations, reports or concerns about wrongdoing in your organisation.

With the participation of over 700 organisations, this brief survey has already gathered a comprehensive snapshot of the most common elements of current procedures and practices, providing baseline information for the larger study and more detailed evaluation.

Although many organisations have policies, procedures and processes (formal and informal) for encouraging and managing internal reports of wrongdoing, little is known about current best practice across different sectors and jurisdictions. For example, there is no current Australian or New Zealand Standard on the topic.

The survey also enabled registration of organisations’ interest to participate in Integrity@WERQ – the second and major phase of the research.

This survey is now closed and preliminary results can be found in this report. 



Our major survey of your staff, managers and systems.

This second phase of the project is now OPEN and involves a confidential survey of your employees and managers, called the Workplace Experiences and Relationships Questionnaire (WERQ); as well as collection of further, more detailed data about your organisation’s whistleblowing processes and procedures.

Integrity@WERQ can be fielded in your organisation at any time that suits, between October 2016 and August 2017.

This phase will collect the information needed to examine, in more depth, the nature and performance of current processes for facilitating and managing the reporting of wrongdoing in individual organisations. Key indicators will include:

  • Staff confidence in reporting processes
  • Whether there are staff who perceive wrongdoing but are not speaking up via hotlines or internal reporting channels
  • How well current reporting and support processes are working
  • What factors can help equip managers to ensure the best outcomes for the organisation and staff, when wrongdoing concerns are raised.

Results will include:

  • A new picture of the challenges and options for managing reporting across multiple organisations, leading to lessons for best practice in all sectors
  • New data on which organisational responses work and which don’t, for use by governments who are currently considering law reform in this area
  • Information for your organisation to benchmark its procedures, and their performance, against other organisations in your jurisdiction or sector — the first ever comprehensive indicators of the quality and performance of your organisation’s current processes
  • Capability for your organisation to monitor outcomes over time, and evaluate the effectiveness of your policies into the future.

For more information on Integrity@WERQ:

Organisations who have completed the threshold Survey of Organisational Processes and Procedures, and indicated interest in the main phase of the project, have been provided with further information on all that’s involved.

Organisations who have not completed but this Survey but would like to participate can contact us to be provided with the relevant information.


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Proportions of staff who responded that they spoke up, or did nothing, after observing serious wrongdoing in nine of the 118 organisations surveyed in Whistling While They Work 1 (Source: Brown 2008, p.49).