Parliamentary Joint Committee on Corporations & Financial Services report on whistleblower protections.

Mr Steve Irons MP, chair of the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Corporations and Financial Services, has tabled the report on whistleblower protections in the corporate, public and not-for-profit sectors. The report is available here 
From the current Integrity@WERQ – work-in-progress, we have selected a few results to demonstrate the importance of high quality whistleblower protection regimes. The following results are based on responses from our first 38 organisations with over 12,0000 individual respondents to date.
  • ‘Reporting by employees’ is confirmed as the single most important method by which wrongdoing in or by organisations is brought to light, relative to other methods, with 90% agreeing or strongly agreeing as to its importance (including 93.8% of managers);
  • But employees, managers and governance professionals alike — especially employees — have much lower confidence as to how matters would actually be handled if they report wrongdoing in their organisation, when asked if they knew what support their organisation would provide (only 46% of employees agreeing) or were confident that something appropriate would be done (only 44.2% of employees agreeing).
These results provide useful confirmation of the recognised importance of whistleblowing, but the clear need for reform to ensure effective systems and protections are in place and working to actually make protections possible.
Integrity@WERQ preliminary results are available here with more updates to come.
September 13, 2017