Integrity@WERQ – A unique opportunity!

Integrity@WERQ is a research and benchmarking package to help any organisation measure the strength of its ethical culture, climate, leadership, and processes for responding to wrongdoing concerns from staff – whether your organisation is public, private or not-for-profit, big or small, and operating in one jurisdiction or many.

Louise Petschler, General Manager, Advocacy, at the Australian Institute of Company Directors, Dennis Gentilin of Human Systems Advisory, and John Price, Australian Securities and Investments Commissioner have helped launch Integrity@WERQ in Sydney.

For further information on the second phase of Whistling While They Work 2 –  Integrity@WERQ, please see our Integrity@WERQ Booklet and visit our page which provides information on how you can get involved. 

Louise Petschler speech notes >>

May 2, 2017